Project Governance & Management Consulting


 Returns below expectations, chronic disputes, and surprise results to important projects are all indicators of under-powered risk management programs and uncontrolled variability in program inputs and project processes. Senco Construction's consulting practice provides tools and techniques to help executive management achieve effective project governance. Project governance success can be measured by management's ability to have a positive influence on the outcome of a project. Senco serves owners, architects, engineers, contractors, construction managers and legal counsel by focusing on improving the delivery of their construction projects across all segments and relying on well-proven processes and state-of-the-art  management technologies to improve collaboration among project stakeholders and optimize performance. Senco can also assist with evaluating the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of the management structure, policies and procedures, and project controls of your organization or department. 

 Senco provides consulting of project procedures and recommendations to facilitate the client’s effort to close the gap between its current processes and industry best practices, which help determine the likely cause of chronic problems in projects. Our unique and systematic tools identify high-risk projects during planning and execution to elevate management’s awareness of these "special needs" projects. We offer strategic and tactical services on an as-needed basis or provide total management and control services for the entire duration of a project. We have experience both in the project office and in the field, and are accustomed to working at all levels of our clients’ organization, from the board of directors and executive management to, project teams and site crews.