Project Management Services


  Owners who are most interested in early cost saving options, construction quality, and maintenance of the project schedule, the Construction Management delivery method is often the best option. Senco's Project Management ensures that the design professionals, the Owner and its own project team work as a cohesive group with wide open lines of communication. When operating under this delivery method Senco provides its clients with absolute transparency of all project costs which allows the Owner to enjoy the peace of mind that their money is being spent wisely. 

  To ensure the best outcome for your project, you need people who know what they’re doing—every step of the way. Senco offers a proactive, hands-on approach to construction management. To complete the project on-time, we foster a highly collaborative environment. Our team provides tailored Project Management to client’s, producing end-to-end solutions for every project – large or small. 

Senco Construction Project Management Services: 

Bid Phase Management
Construction Design Reviews
Cost Control
Financial Status Reports
Inspections / Quality Control
On-site Construction Supervision/Coordination
Owner and Subcontractor Meetings
Project Status Reporting
Scheduling Safety Supervision / Reviews
Value Engineering